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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Human kindness comes to the rescue

A two ton BMW.  A motorcyclist.  A fire.  And a dozen bystanders and construction workers.  This is what you get when you mix them together - sweet humanity playing its wonderful role, coming to the rescue of a perfect stranger.

In Logan, Utah, a motorcyclist has an unfortunate accident with a BMW and the victim is trapped beneath it.  What happens next is the reason we live life, love life, and as humans, appreciate the simple humane efforts that surround us. 

Construction workers, passers-by, women, and men alike came to the rescue.  As the car and motorcycle burned, a few construction workers attempted to lift the car to retrieve the trapped motorcylists.  When their efforts failed, a female bystander recruited several others to help.  Roughly a dozen men and women bound together, lifted the 2 ton Beamer, and pulled the motorcyclist to safety. 

Commendable!  Honorable!  Heroic!  These words define their efforts.  Out of the goodness and kindness of their hearts, to save a human life, they are heroes.  An amazing effort.  This is what makes this land so great.  Stories like these reach deep within and pull heartstrings that are difficult to reach in a rather tough economy.  These are some hard times.  But this is proof that in hard times, we hold hands, stand strong, and the strength and will of our efforts can overcome obstacles that seem too great to overcome. 

Trusting the written words of the media these days is becoming more and more dfficult.  Their words change.  Their articles change.  They never seem to get the details or he story right.  They fabricate.  They extend the story beyond the actual story, and they belittle the truths of actual story.  But when you catch it on video, there is no denying the sights we see.  And this video is proof - no denying, no fabrication - of the good deeds done by those willing to help someone completely helpless.  


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