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Monday, September 12, 2011

Serena...the next McEnroe???

Serena walked steadily through the U.S. Open the last two weeks.  I mean steadily, crushing her opponents with brute force and intense vigor.  She didn't seem to break a sweat along the road to the finals.  Then all-of-a-sudden she reaches the finals against Stosur and - aghast! - she ruptures during a point where she yells after striking a ball to the ad court to win the point.

So what happened?  Let me say again, she screamed out after she hit the ball.  Tennis rules clearly state that striking a ball and grunting when returning is legal, but to bellow out a good a brief second after you hit the ball, is that right?  Can she do that?  Is it legal?

According to the USTA, she screamed out "Come On!" in celebration while Stosur was reaching to return the shot - before the point was over.  That is why the judge called her on it and gave the point to Stosur.  This infuriated Williams, to which she called the umpire "a hater" and told her "don't even look at me."  So are we looking at the next McEnroe or what?

Definitely not!  McEnroe complained often and frequently.  He was in constant uproar against officials, umpires, and line judges.  Serena lashed out in 2009 with expletives and threatening abusive action.  This year, she refrained from using abusive language but did dispute the call and the umpire's decision, which will only cost her $2000, a far cry from the $1.4 million pay check she receives.  McEnroe argued improper calls and fought for the chance to prove his worth.  Serena had a moment, with intensity, where she disputed an umpire's call, even though she was wrong. 

Serena is 30 years old and needs to keep her self under control, however I give her kudos for being passionate in the middle of a game where she was fighting - and losing - and did not use any threatening or abusive language.  Chalk it to the history books, she is no John McEnroe!

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